Pinot Grigio from Veneto, Italy


winemaker's notes

Flavors of lime, lemon, pear, white nectarine and apple. Refreshing and pleasing finish. 

Recommended serving temperature: 45 - 50 F

Recommended food pairings: Fish, variety of cheeses, pasta with light sauces and grilled vegetables.


marchetti family

Maurizio Marchetti is a charming character leading a charmed life. He lives near the Adriatic coast of Italia in a region that sees nearly 3,000 hours (200 days) of sun each year! Also, his wife is a cardiologist (so she brings home the pancetta, as we like to say), leaving Maurizio free to pursue his two art forms: painting and making wine (you may notice looking at his Verdicchio bottle that Botticelli is a large influence.) Since he needn’t rely on wine to earn an income, Maurizio can afford to be as picky with his grapes as he wants; in fact he is so selective that he sometimes produces as little as a half bottle of wine per plant! To that end, he uses a special pneumatic press for a single, extremely light press, called a “flower press.” Or, as Maurizio says with a nudge and a wink, “butterflies crush my grapes with their wings as they fly by.”  


Veneto, Italy