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We offer weekly Virginia wine delivery with your CSA produce throughout the seasons. Find out more!


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Bottlelegger delivers wine on a weekly basis to your home or to your CSA pickup location. Local to the area chooses artisanal wines from small family-owned vineyards. Travel through Virginia with the wines you try with Bottlelegger! We make getting wine with your CSA produce that much easier and pleasurable. Additional things will be provided such as wine producer information, food-wine pairings and recipes. Sign up today - located below. We also have an option for international wine delivery or a combination. 

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Bottlelegger supports our local farmers and vineyard owners. Some may come to this site and ask what's a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to connect with local farms and farmers in your area. Consumers buy a seasonal CSA subscription from the farmer, and in return receive weekly packages fresh from the farm.

By purchasing your local produce, meats and other products directly from the farmers, you are supporting local agriculture and getting the very freshest items available!


SIGN UP FOR WEEKly wine delivery. 

If you would like more than 1 Bottle Per Week increase your quantity. You can add to or subtract to your weekly quantity at anytime. 

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your choice is our passion. 

You have signed up for CSA delivery and would like wines from specific Virginia vineyards or wineries. List them for Bottlelegger below. 

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What Virginia wines are in the weekly shipment?

Only top quality from top Virginia vineyards are chosen for the weekly CSA delivery. A certified sommelier selects these wines to ensure quality. 

How do I order more than one bottle for weekly delivery? 

If you would like more than one bottle per week increase the quantity when you order to the desired number of bottles. 

When does the weekly wine delivery begin? 

When you sign-up, you'll be notified via email with delivery information. 

How do I increase, decrease or cancel my weekly order? 

You can increase or decrease your order at anytime. You can cancel anytime. You can skip a week. It's flexible to your schedule otherwise Bottlelegger continues to ensure weekly wine delivery to go with CSA.

Can I customize my wine selection?  

Yes, You can customize your wines. If you only want organic or a specific varietal like Malbec, Bottlelegger can tailor the selection to your style preferences. Otherwise trust Bottlelegger to provide quality wines from the best artisanal family-owned vineyards from around the world. 

We offer half case and case discounts. 

Buy 6 or more bottles use promo HALFCASE to receive a 10% discount. Buy 12 or more use discount CASE for a 15% discount. 

Please Note for Virginia Wine: 

Virginia wines vary in price range. The first bottle will be $25. The price range is from $15 - $30 each week. You will be notified of the wine via email before delivery.  Wines come from many different Virginia vineyards throughout the State.

Support Local Businesses. Support Your Local Vineyards. 

Any other questions can be directed to


We want to hear about it!  Try a delicious CSA cooked meal with Bottlelegger wines, please share with our community at #CSAWINE. Inspire us with your food and your favorite wines from the selection. We also have a Facebook page: Bottlelegger + Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Join today! 

*Please note we currently have free shipping throughout Northern Virginia. Orders are done on a weekly basis and you can cancel at anytime.*