Sangiovese from Puglia, Italy


Winemaker's Notes

The wine colour is very deep and the aromas on the nose are of rich, ripe fruit. This red wine is characterized by soft tannins and notes of red fruits and blackberries on the palate; it is velvety and long on the finish.

Recommended Temperature: 50 - 55 F

Food Pairings: Roasted meat, cured sausages and hard cheeses. Works well with butter and olive oil. 



In 1925, brothers Natale, Nicola, Riccardo and Umberto Pasqua moved from Puglia to Veneto and established their company, Vigneti del Sole, in Verona. Their philosophy, based on constant attention to quality in all aspects of viticulture and winemaking, carried over to the second generation of Pasqua brothers, Carlo, Giorgio and Umberto, who, along with their now grown sons and daughters, continue to run the prosperous wine company. In 2000, the family decided to return to their southern roots and set up winemaking operations back in Puglia, where they cultivate local varietals. This independent, family-owned winery has, for years, been successfully producing wines packed with fruit, liveliness and the superb characteristics of their region while remaining uncomplicated wines that are easy to drink and easy on the wallet.


Puglia, Italy 


Situated in the far south-eastern corner of the 'boot' of Italy lies Puglia. To continue to footwear analogy, Puglia just below mid-calf height to the point of the heel. The heel (the Salento Peninsula) occupying the southern half of the region and of great importance to Puglia's identity. Cultural and geographical differences exist among the northern and southern parts of the region. The wines also differ. The North is hillier and connected to the customs and winemaking practices of central Italy. The south is mostly flat and continues a long connection with its Greco-Roman past. One factor shared between north and south Puglia is the choice of crops grown: olives and grapes. The region makes almost half Italy's total olive-oil production and is a prolific source of red wine. 

Puglia used to be a wine region for mass-produced blending wines, however this is no longer the case. As the world began demanding high-quality wines, Puglia raised it's standards to produce fine wine. 

Pasqua, Sangiovese (Puglia, Italy)
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