rebel coast 

Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from California 


Winemaker's Notes

A velvety front palate that seamlessly transitions into the soft tannins that only a true California Cabernet can possess. Just smelling this wine makes your mouth water. This medium bodied wine is like going down the aisle of a grocery store and eating a dark cherry, a ripe raspberry and an over-ripe cranberry all at the same time. The finish lingers just long enough for you to reflect on it then encourages you to take another sip.

Recommended serving temperature: 60 - 65F


rebel coast wine

The story of Rebel Coast starts off as a shot in the dark from a wild man named Chip Forsythe. After high school he moved to California from Texas to be a college wrestler. A week into school at Cal Poly he snuck onto a party bus with a fake ID to party for a weekend in Santa Barbra. The bus turned out to not be a booze cruse, but a wine tasting tour. When the weekend was over Chip got off the bus and quit wrestling, changed majors, got an internship as a winery, and started making wine in his back yard then selling it to the kids in the dorms. Every year Chip would take the winter quarter off of school and work at a different winery or vineyard. 5 years later he graduated in 2009 and started making wine on his own. The idea has always been to bring wine back to its roots, of sharing it with girls. Ok just kidding, but taking the pompous attitude out of wine was the driving force behind everything he did. It was hard as hell getting an idea for a small winery off the ground. Naturally Chip needed some guts and stupidity to help make it real. And he searched high and…high and found Doug Burkett.

Now Doug once sold wine for Chip at his previous winery back in the day. Doug was living the dream, working as a bartender and a professional mechanical bull rider in Sacramento. Somehow it only took 37 phone calls to trick Doug into quitting his job, breaking a lease and leaving Sacramento behind for bunk beds and the dream of building a freaking winery. The idea for Rebel Coast was now born and Chip put his handlebar mustache on a bottle and they named it Reckless Love. Thank goodness things took off, and Chip and Doug needed more help…a lot more help. Just when the winery was getting out of hand, a beautiful blonde angel appeared….

Now this is crazy. After only one phone call another Cal Poly grad told the two guys that corporate life was not for her and she was quitting her job and coming to work with them. The conversations went like this.

Kate: “I’m quitting my job and coming to work with you.”

Doug and Chip: “NOOOOOO NO NO NO! Don’t do that, we can’t pay you, we don’t know what we are even doing! NO don’t quit!”

Kate one week later: “Ok I put my two weeks in, what do you need me to do?”

Doug and Chip: “Shit, lets sell some wine.”

Since then it has been late nights, wine, more wine, and the occasional brushes with the law. That was almost 2 years ago…. The original three are still together and having more fun than ever. Kate, Doug and Chip all live and work under the same roof, in Jack Black’s old house in Hermosa Beach, CA. Their other roommates, John and Garrett, have since then quit their jobs to join the cause.

The three also recruited a bunch of their friends throughout California to help sell the wine (or else we’d just drink it all). Rebel Coast is now 17 strong with no signs of slowing down. Oh and for fun, Chip put Kate and Doug’s name and cell phone numbers on every cork, so give us call if any of this sounds suspicious. Or if it’s past 2am and you consider yourself a Cougar. In that case call Doug: (818) 425-3354.