villa jolanda

Sparkling Wine from Piedmont, Italy



Winemaker notes 

Dry sparkling wine with an intense, fine and fruity bouquet. Flavor is fresh, pleasant and persistent.

Recommend food pairings: Aperitif, starters, main courses, cheese and seafood. 

Recommended serving temperature - 42-46 degrees. 

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villa jolanda 

Villa Jolonda is crafted by Santero, a sparkling and still wine producer located in Piedmont, Italy in the southwest province of Cuneo. 

The winery was founded by the Santero brothers in 1958 and renovated in 1977 to process fruit from its five estate-owned vineyards and over 300 local winegrowers. It is best known for its large export market, unique packaging, and expansive portfolio of sweet wines.


Piedmont, Italy 


Piedmont: 'at the foot of the mountains'

The Alps and Apennines contribute to the significance and history of the area. The mountain ranges are largely responsible for the region's favorable climate and for centuries provided protection from invasion. Eventually the Romans then repeatedly the French breached the mountain defenses and contributed to the region's advancement in enology. Piedmont remains viticultural advanced compared to other Italian wine regions due to regular updated foreign winemaking technology and it's close proximity to France, well-known for its wine. 

Piedmont is a classic region offering quality wine from its many small-scale, family wineries and focus on making the best wines. The region is known for wines made from the Nebbiolo grape known for its quality and cellaring potential. Nebbiolo is the most widely planted grape but one that has contributed to Piedmont's reputation for fine wine. Other well known grapes are Barbera, Dolcetto, and Brachetto. Although Piedmont is known for its red-wines, it produces several well regarded white dry and sparkling styles - Moscato d'Asti and Asti Spumante. Both made from the Moscato grapes grown around the town of Asti. The former is more sweeter and lightly sparkling in style. 

Villa Jolanda, 'I Love You' (Italy)
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